New Original Espresso Blend!

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La Crema Kaffe is happy to present its very first and official Original Espresso Blend!

We have chosen, as a base for our espresso blend, High Grown Red Bourbon beans from Pacas’ Farms (70%) and have developed our usual light roast so that we can get more body and keep the clean aftertaste with its characteristic smooth taste and floral aroma. To make our espresso blend unique and bring a vibrant soul to each espresso shot, we have selected our outstanding Specialty Grade 2006 Cup of Excellence winning farm Finca El Retiro (30%) and have roasted it individually focusing on a slightly more developed roast profile that enhances its natural sweet aroma, gentle apple acidity, creamy body and chocolaty flavor. With this Original Espresso Blend, we aim to create a very well balanced, aromatic, cheerful and pleasant espresso cup.

Cupping notes and sensory: smooth, good creamy body, sweet floral aroma, mild apple like acidity, chocolaty flavor, clean aftertaste and hints of nuts.

Order today and enjoy a unique espresso shot!

With love and passion

La Crema Kaffe

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