Our First Commercial Roasting

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Hello to all of you who love quality coffee!

Today we roasted our very first and second commercial coffee batch! We are really happy to satisfy our customers. This time we roasted for our close friend and his girlfriend who visited us from North Norway. Both of them were simply amazed by the lovely sweet aroma of our fresh roasted and grinded Red Bourbon coffee from Finca San Joaquin which has 86 points in the Cup of Excellence score and from Finca El Retiro which has 85 COE score. Both of them are Specialty Grade quality coffee.

They were so impressed and told us that this is coffee taken to another level. We gladly shared with them one of our previous roasted batches and brewed this fresh roasted coffee in our French Press for them. They were so happy to try a different coffee which is very balanced with mild acidity, floral aroma and a clean after taste. They were surprised that they didn’t need any sugar at all!

Eventually they bought those two bags shown on the pictures. They promised to order via our online store soon! We will gladly roast for them again, as we will for all of you.  Just choose one of the amazing coffee varieties from our webshop, place the order and make the corresponding payment. We will take care of the rest! 🙂

We’ll do our best to fulfill your expectations!

Let us hear from you soon!

Yours La Crema Kaffe

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