Rights and Customer Protection

As our customer in Norway, you are protected by the Consumer Law (Lov om forbrukerkjøp, http://lovdata.no/dokument/NL/lov/2002-06-21-34The Right of Withdrawal does not apply to goods that quickly deteriorate, e.g., fresh food, and coffee (Lov om opplysningsplikt og angrerett ved fjernsalg og salg utenom faste forretningslokaler, § 22. Unntak fra angreretten, http://lovdata.no/dokument/NL/lov/2014-06-20-27).

Prices and Payment Options

Our prices are stated in Norwegian Kroner (NOK).

Payment is accepted via Visa and MasterCard through PayPal. With this we guarantee a secure connection and anti-fraud mechanisms so you are safe while paying. Remember that you can also pay using your PayPal account or directly from your bank with an Invoice (Faktura sent to your email, order processed as soon as payment is received).

Wholesale Customers

Are you a coffee shop owner, coffee bar manager or café proprietor? Are you interested in a wholesale service or a whole sale subscription? Please, contact us so we can offer you a special retail deal!

Coffee Condition

We provide both grinded coffee and coffee in whole beans, select what suits you best. You will find a wide range of options from the finest to the coarsest grind according to your favorite brewing method.

Grinded coffee loses its properties and aroma faster than whole beans roasted coffee, so you must consume it within a maximum of 3 weeks in order to enjoy all the flavors of a fresh roasted coffee. Whole beans coffee can stay fresh for a maximum of 4 weeks, just remember to close back the zip lock of the bag and keep it at constant room temperature. Our bags are reclosable, moisture proof, food grade bags with one way degas valve so your coffee remains fresh for a longer period of time.

We insist on delivering the freshest roasted coffee as possible. Coffee, when roasted, takes its time to degas so do please check the roast date written on the bag and always count around three to four days after the roasting date for filtered coffee before you brew it, so you can experience your fresh roasted coffee at its best; if you prefer to make an espresso, you should let it degas for around six to ten days. We will soon offer our unique espresso blend!

Shipping and Delivery

Orders placed on Thursdays after 17:00 (5 PM), Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and  Mondays before 17:00 will be processed and completed (roasted and shipped) on Mondays. Orders received on Mondays after 17:00, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays before 17:00 will be processed and completed on Thursdays. As our customer in Norway, you can expect your order delivered to you within 1 to maximum 5 days after you place your order and the payment is cleared, the shipping class we use is A-Priority (the earliest delivery is 1 day after the shipping company receives the package delivered to them).

Shipping and handling cost is added to the total according to the destination, the volume and weight of each order.  You can also choose “Local Pickup” at no extra cost as the shipping method, which means that you need to come to our physical address to pick up your ordered coffee. Free shipping applies on orders over 500,- NOK.

At the moment, we ship orders all around Norway and expect to ship world wide soon.


Regarding to the Value Added Tax or VAT, so far we are not entitled to collect it. Thus, invoices will be sent as “unntatt”/”except” until the 50 000 NOK threshold is reached. You’ll find more about it at Skatteetaten.

Social Program

Alliance with Fusal: We donate to FUSAL[1] 1 NOK (before tax) for each bag you buy from us. Check our Social Program tab for more information. You can also contribute directly to this Non Profit Organization which improves the life of the children in El Salvador.

[1] Salvadoran Foundation for Health and Human Development, http://www.fusal.org


Introductory prices and on sale items are temporal and will be available as long as supplies last. Restrictions applies.