By preferring to purchase green coffee beans from producers who care about the Earth and its people through specific social responsibility programs, we engage in good causes such as fighting poverty, supporting education and conserving the ecosystem.

Behind our coffee crop 2014-2015, these are the Corporate Social Responsibility Programs/Certifications the coffee producers in 2015 run in order to improve the lives of their workers, workers’ families and preserve the environment:

Pacas Coffee

Coffee Certificate: Program designed to educate students who attend the National School of Agriculture for the purpose of learning how to grow Specialty Coffee using practices that are environmentally friendly and economically viable.

The Power to Transform: Program created by FUNPRES (local NPO that promotes respect for children’s rights, inclusive education and mental health). Its main objectives are: a) to prevent violence and improve harmony and coexistence among the scholar community; and b) to improve the quality of the schools through training teachers in reading, writing and math. This program inspired Pacas Coffee and, since 2012, they decided to sponsor it in 2 schools located in their coffee communities.

Our Social Responsibility Program: Alliance with FUSAL

We also want to contribute to improve this world, so we contacted one nonprofit organization who works to create a better world. We have decided to donate to FUSAL[1] 1 NOK[2] for each bag of coffee you buy from us to support particularly the Pound of Love Program.

FUSAL runs six programs as explained below. One of their programs gets direct support from the Salvadoran American Humanitarian Foundation [3]. Three of them, respectively, have direct support from one assigned social responsible company in El Salvador. The other two programs receive support from many different social committed companies and individual donors.

 Pounds of Love

Children care: Prenatal support and income generation via auto sustainable programs, health and nutrition campaigns in rural areas to help the development of the childhood in order to fight inter-generational poverty.

 Hospital Medical Assistance Program

Health: Medical supplies and equipment, particularly in case of disasters (such earthquakes, hurricanes, etc). Partnership with SAHF.

 Country Project

Violence prevention: Children and teenagers are involved in sport or art activities; moreover, they have a space to meditate about ethics and peaceful ways of solving problems.

 Hand in hand with your community

Community: They aim to promote integrated and sustainable development of sugarcane families and communities to take action on health, nutrition and sanitation matters. Partnership with CASSA.[4]

 Excel yourself!

Education: Young students with excellent academic performance and high desire to improve and change their life and environment are selected to participate in the program. There they’re taught values and trained at a high level in English and computer studies. Partnership with Poma Foundation.[5]   


Child labor prevention: Contribute to eliminate child labor through education by providing access to education and promoting educational quality. Partnership with Telefonica Foundation.[6]

We strongly believe that children are the base for a better world. That is the reason why we chose to support Pounds of Love Program. In the near future, we want also to create a program for fostering children in Norway through activities aimed to family integration, leadership, tolerance and multicultural understanding.





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