La Crema Kaffe Capitals #6

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Hi dear coffee lovers!

This is our latest visited capital! It is itself a piece of art with its very elaborate canal system. Cycling is highly important for this city. Did you say Amsterdam? Yes! The beautiful Amsterdam city, capital of the awesome Netherlands!

We had a nice time there drinking coffee at the Espresso Fabriek. We were also in Enkhuizen, taking our SCAE Intermediate Roasting course with the CoffeeXperts. How we did? Pretty well, we can say. We passed the exams! 🙂 The certificates are on their way to Norway and we are really happy to have broadened our knowledge and learned more about the art and science of coffee. We will tell you more about it in our next post, also more pictures are coming soon. 😀

Today we have been busy roasting a gift for our customers in Norway, who have ordered online during the last year. We hope that you will enjoy our improved coffee roasting profile. 🙂 We also roasted coffee samples for a nice and brandnew café in Trondheim named Café le Frère, managed by Barista Kjell Harry; we hope that they will like our coffee too and so Trondheim can enjoy La Crema Kaffe brewed by this visionary new café.

Stay with us and find out more interesting news and information!

With love and passion,

La Crema Kaffe in Norway


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