La Crema Kaffe Donation to PASITOS-ESEN

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La Crema Kaffe is happy to make its 2018 donation. This time we are honored to contribute to PASITOS-ESEN’s cause.

PASITOS-ESEN is a student association founded in 2008 by ESEN’s students (a Business School in El Salvador). They support students from a nearby elementary public school named Escuela “Cantón el Matazano”. PASITOS-ESEN aims to improve the children’s academic performance, learning and relationship skills. In addition, they try to reduce school drop-offs and increase the children’s self motivation. 

Among their activities, they hold Reading clubs, extracurricular school courses in Math, Language and English, and Social activities. 

Do you want to help them as well? Click the link below and find out more on how PASITOS-ESEN is transforming the lives of these children. 

Let’s DONATE together!

Donate now!

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