First donation to FUSAL from La Crema Kaffe!

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Hi coffee lovers!

Through our Alliance with Fusal, we are able to contribute to create a better world. La Crema Kaffe directly supports the program Pounds of Love which aims to give children a better start to get them out of inter-generational poverty.

Our commitment is to donate at least 1,- kr per sold bag. This time, we have donated almost 11,- kr per each bag sold in 2015! We hope we can contribute much more next year.

We would not have been able to achieve it without your help. Thank you for purchasing quality coffee from La Crema Kaffe! Together we can improve the life of the ones in need.

Are you interested in helping others? Read more about Fusal and donate today! 🙂

By the way, La Crema Kaffe is having its first anniversary on 17th February. 😀 Expect some nice surprises and join us to celebrate it! 😉

Did you know? You get FREE SHIPPING in your orders exceeding 500,- kr.

Stay tuned!

With love and passion,

La Crema Kaffe in Norway

Pictures: Fusal, Libras de Amor

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